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(1) as引导方式状语从句句型:“按照……;正如……”

例:As(it is)in your country, we grow wheat in the north and rice in the south.正如(像) 你们国家一样,我们北方种植小麦,南方种植水稻。

(2) as+形容词/副词原级+(a /an)+名词+as ;否定式:not as/so --- as

例:He is as good a player as his sister.他和他姐姐一样是位优秀的运动员。

(3) such + n. + as to do 如此……以致于……

例:She is such a fool as to believe what he said.她是一个如此的一个笨蛋以致相信了他所说的话。

(4) so + adj./adv. + as to do sth 如此……以致于……

例:He was so strong as to carry the heavy box.他是如此的强壮以致于能提起那重箱子。

(5) such...as... 象……之类的…… (接名词或定语从句)

例:He wished to be such a man as Lei Feng was.他希望成为一个像雷锋这样的人。

(6) the same +名词+as 和……一样的…… (接名词或定语从句)

例:He is not the same man as he used to be.他不是从前的那样子了。

(7) as 引导非限制性定语从句

例:As is known to us, knowledge is power.众所周知,知识就是力量。


例:We get wiser as we get older.随着我们长大,我们也变得越来越聪明。

(9) 引导原因状语从句,与 because的用法相近

例:As it was getting very late, we soon turned back.因为越来越迟了,所以我们不久就回来了。

(10) 引导让步状语从句

例:Child as he is, he knows much about science.尽管他是一个小孩,但他对科学了解得很多。



(1) prefer to do sth

例:I prefer to stay at home.我宁愿呆在家里。

(2) prefer doing sth

例:I prefer playing in defence.我喜欢打防守。

(3) prefer sb to do sth

例:Would you prefer me to stay?你愿意我留下来吗?

(4) prefer to do sth rather than do sth ……宁愿…...而不愿...

例句:I prefer to stay at home rather than go out.我宁愿呆在家里而不愿出去.

(5) prefer doing sth to doing sth

例:I prefer watching football to playing it.我喜欢看篮球,不喜欢打篮球。

(6) prefer sth to sth

例:I prefer tea to coffee.我要茶不要咖啡。



(1) be doing sth...when...

例:He was still smiling when the door opened and his wife came in.他正笑着的时候门突然开了,他妻子走了进来。

(2) be about to do sth ... when ...

例:We were about to start when it began to rain.我们刚要出发,天就开始下雨了。

(3) had just done ... when ...

例:I had just gone to bed after a very hard day when the phone rang.在劳累了一天之后我刚刚就寝,电话铃就响了。



(1) It +seems + that从句

例:It seemed that everyone was satisfied.看来好像每个人都很满意。

(2) It seems to sb that ...

例:It seems to me that she is right.我看她是对的,

(3) There seems to be ...

例:There seems to be a heavy rain.看上去要有一场大雨。

(4) It seems as if ...

例:It seemed that she couldn't come to class.看样子她不能来上课了。



(1) She is taller than I by three inches.她比我高三英寸

(2) There is one year between us.我们之间相差一岁。

(3) She is three years old than I.她比我大三岁。

(4) They have increased the price by 50%.他们把价格上涨了50%

(5) His salary has rised to 10,000 yuan per month.他的工资已经涨到了每月10,000元。



(1) what 引导主语从句

例:What surprised me is that everybody seemed to be very indifferent to her.让我吃惊的是每个人似乎对她都很冷淡。[ indifferent adj.不关心的;冷漠的]

(2) what 引导宾语从句

例:We can learn what we do not know.我们能学会我们不懂的东西。

(3) what 引导表语从句

例:That is what I want.那正是我所要的。

(4) what 引导同位语从句

例:I have no idea what they are talking about.我不知道他们正在谈论什么。



(1) too ... to do ...

例:Politics is too important to be left to the politicians.(=Politics is so important that it can't be left to the politicians.)政治太重要了,不能由政治家来决定。

(2) only too ... to do ...

例:I shall be only too pleased to get home.我要回到家里就非常高兴。

(3) too + adj + for sth

例:These shoes are much too small for me.我穿这双鞋太小了。

(4) too + adj + a + n.

例:This is too difficult a text for me.


(5) can't … too +形容词 无论……也不为过

例:We cannot emphasize the importance of protecting our eyes too much.我们再怎么强调保护眼睛的重要性也不为过。



(1) where 引导的定语从句

例:This is the house where he lived last year.这就是他去年住过的房子。

(2) where 引导的状语从句

例:Where there is a will,there is a way.有志者事竟成。

He left his key where he could find.他将钥匙放在易找到的地方。

I will go where I want to go.我要去我想去的地方。

(3) where 引导的表语从句

例:This is where you are wrong.这正是你错的地方。



(1) wish that sb did sth 希望某人现在做某事

例:I wish I were as strong as you.我希望和你一样强壮。

(2) wish that sb had done sth 希望某人过去做某事

例:I wish you had told me earlier要是你早点告诉我就好了。

(3) wish that sb would/could do sth 希望某人将来做某事

例:I wish you would succeed this time.我希望你这次会成功。


would rather句型

(1) would rather do sth than do sth 宁愿做……而不愿做……

例:She would rather die than turn against his motherland.她宁可死也不去背叛祖国。

(2) would rather have done sth 宁愿过去做过某事

例:I would rather have taken his advice.我宁愿过去接受他的意见。

(3) would rather sb had done sth 宁愿某人过去做过某事

例:I would rather I had passed the examination last week.我真希望通过上星期的考试。

(4) would rather sb did sth 宁愿某人现在或将来做某事

例:Who would you rather went with you?你宁愿谁和你一起去?



(1) before sb can/ could … 某人还没来得及……

例:Before I could get in a word ,he had measured me.我还没来得及插话,他就给我量好了尺寸。

(2) It will be +时间+ before + 还有多长时间……

例:It will be 4 years before he graduates.他还有四年时间变毕业了。

(3) had done some time before (才……)

例:We had sailed four days and four nights before we saw land.我们航行了四天四夜才见到陆地。

(4) had not done ... before ... 不到……就……

例:We hadn’t run a mile before he felt tired.我们还没走到一英里路就觉得累了。

(5) It was not +一段时间+ before 不多久就……

例:It wasn’t two years before he left the country.还没到两年他们离开了那国家。



(1) It is /was +被强调部分+that(who)...

例:It was I who wrote to my uncle yesterday.是我昨天给我叔叔写信的。

(2) Is/was it + 被强调部分 + that (who) ...

例:Was it your brother that you met in the street?在街上你遇见的是你兄弟吗?

(3) Where/who/what/how等特殊疑问词 + is/was it that ...

例:How is it that you will go to visit her tomorrow?明天你究竟怎样去看望她?

(4) do/does/did +谓语动词 (强调谓语)

例:They do know the place well.他们的确很熟悉那个地方。



(1)would like to/ would love to have done sth.

例:I would like to have written to you.我本想给你写信的。

(2) was / were going to do sth.(用过去将来时态表示原打算做什么)

例:Lucy was going to watch a basketball match.Lucy 原打算看一场篮球比赛。



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